Student recruitment

Professional internships

Metanor Resources Inc. encourages and supports students by providing internship opportunities in various disciplines, such as geology, engineering, ore extraction and processing, administration, and many more. In addition to revealing emerging talents, internships offer students the chance to excel in an actual work environment. Our company promotes succession by giving students the opportunity to get broad experience while working with top professionals and enjoying a sense of being involved. We offer an attractive compensation package based on level of educational attainment, as well as other benefits.


Summer employment

Metanor Resources Inc. has a number of summer positions for students interesting in funding their studies, getting hands-on experience and gaining professional experience. We will adapt work schedules to accommodate students and ensure that they enjoy a positive experience working in the mining industry at the Bachelor or Barry Mines. High-school, college and university students are encouraged to apply in March for summer jobs and the opportunity to work with a top-notch team.